ESG: The S in Social

The Social criterion refers to corporate decisions and initiatives that can have a social impact. Attention is paid, in particular, to respect for human rights, attention to working conditions and worklife balance, gender equality and the rejection of any form of discrimination. To these elements, there is the possibility of companies to actively contribute to increasing the well-being of the inhabitants of the area in which the company is located, through various initiatives.The social criterion and the initiatives taken on the basis of this parameter are probably the most easily observable aspects by parties external to the organization.

130 finances the Libera Terra brand through the purchase of production assets. Libera Terra is an association of cooperatives that manage land and structures confiscated from the mafia in Southern Italy, with the focus on the relaunching of production and produce of the territory.

130 holds courses for new mothers using the “Primi Gesti” association. This association promotes the deliberate placement of mothers in the workplace, after the  maternity period, by holding courses and providing specific professional skills for the initial phase of the child’s growth.

Internal employee awareness campaign in favor of an increasingly present and profound awareness of sustainability.

Donation to the IRCCS Ca’ Granda Foundation, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, to give our contribution to hospitals in Lombardy heavily affected by difficulties during the pandemic. Donorwall

The 2030 agenda environmental goals that 130 continues to develop