Corporate services provider

The Corporate Servicer, or Corporate Services Provider, is the entity entrusted with the administrative, accounting and tax compliance of the SPV. The CSP often coordinates the activities of other agents of the SPV.

Its services include:

  • corporate management (accountings and tax);
  • periodical reporting, book-keeping and custody of the records of the company’s bodies;
  • drawing up the financial statements;
  • keeping documents in safe custody;
  • tax return filings and other mandatory filings;
  • obtaining the transaction code from the Bank of Italy;
  • managing relationships with all the counterparties of the SPV including the public authorities (e.g. the Bank of Italy, Monte Titoli, Stock Exchanges, rating agencies);
  • filing statistic reports on the Bank of Italy;
  • setting up and keeping the “Archivio Unico informatico”;
  • opening a certified e-mail account with Legalmail and managing the messages of the Guardia di Finanza and the Italian Inland Revenue Agenzia delle Entrate;
  • making the necessary reporting to the tax records office (“Anagrafe Tributaria”);
  • liaising with the auditors of the SPV;
  • providing support in the publications into the Official Journal of the Republic of Italy (“Gazzetta Ufficiale”) and the register of companies.