Sustainability in 130 Servicing

The outdated approach that saw mere profit as the sole business objective, gives way to the vision of having the maximization of socio-economic well-being and the context in which we live as the primary objective of the company. Companies oriented towards this direction and defined as cohesive, that is, more oriented towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), make courageous choices to actively support this vision. 130 finds itself among these companies and, attentive to a sustainable future oriented towards compliance with ESG parameters, actively   seeks out operations and investments through which sustainable development can be realized. 130 transposes its ethical values ​​into professional choices which, motivated by the unanimous and growing desire to find solutions to the needs of the planet and the people who inhabit it, can concretely contribute not only to building a sustainable future, but also to safeguarding a present, focusing on the elimination of all forms of social and environmental exploitation.