Our Mission

We believe in the enhancement of social and sustainable goals

We work for long-term investments aimed at the well-being of future generations.

We are not focused exclusively on economic variables but we pay attention to the evolution of the financial market linked to responsible and sustainable investments.

We want to play an active role in the development of the green securitization market, through concrete contributions and cooperation with banks and investors, with the common goal of leading a transition that will lead to full awareness of ESG values ​​and issues in this sector.

Driven by the desire to comply with official the parameters and ESG guidelines dictated by the European Union, by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and by the United Nations, we have submitted ourselves to the rating of the independent agency standard ethics, which has given us attributed a very positive judgment of full compliance.

We strongly believe in the ethical principles we share with our employees.

“With our activities, albeit at the moment limited in size and concentrated in Italy, we promote a style of growth that is attentive to the sustainability of long term results and to the creation of a virtuous circle based on the trust that arises from the satisfaction of customers and shareholders, from the sense of belonging of our collaborators and proximity to the needs of the community. We compete fairly in the market, ready to cooperate with other economic entities, both private and public, whenever necessary to strengthen the overall growth capacity of the national systems in which we operate. “