Purchase of unresolved contracts

As an ancillary
activity to the purchase of credit by the SPV, 130 may consider operating as a
transferee partner in the purchase of the contract where this must necessarily
be transferred to a subject 106 TUB.

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ASSETCO administrative management

(also in the context of 7.1 operations)

In the context of
Article 7.1. Of the law 130/99, the company can provide administrative and
fiscal support also in the management of the Reoco / Leasco.

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The Servicer is the entity appointed to service the portfolio, collect the receivables, provide cash and payment services and monitor the compliance of the securitisation transaction with applicable laws and the prospectus.

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Monitoring and reporting

Centotrenta may provide monitoring and reporting services on the portfolio, verify the compliance with the initial business plan, and carry out analysis on potential discrepancies.

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SPVs and directorship

In order to reduce timing constraints Centotrenta can offer newly incorporated SPVs.

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