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Centotrenta Servicing S.p.a.

Sede legale e Operativa:

Via San Prospero 4 – 20121 Milano
tel. 02-45472239
fax 02-72022410

Ufficio Reclami:

Modalità presentazione reclami ed Arbitro Bancario Finanziario

e-mail: reclami@130servicing.com

telefono: +39.02.45472239


Centotrenta was established back in 2001, just before the enactment of the Italian securitisation law.

Centotrenta’s operations started with the company Centotrenta Management s.r.l., even if the main partner of Centotrenta, Studio Angelelli – dottori commercialisti e revisori contabili – (www.studioangelelli.com), operates in Milan in the accounting, advisory and tax planning since 1968. Before the establishment of Centotrenta Management, the current team structured and managed one of the first transactions implemented under Law 130 of 1999. The name of the special purpose vehicle was Affidavit and the cillateral was made of non-performing loans.

In 2011 Centotrenta decided to establish Centotrenta Servicing S.p.a. as a financial intermediary. Centotrenta Servicing obtained from the Bank of Italy the authorisation to operate as a servicer in October 2012. Now Centotrenta can offer the full range of services that are necessary to structure and manage a securitisation transaction.

The offices of Centotrenta are located in Piazza Cordusio, in the centre of Milan.

Our organization


Giovanni Crostarosa Guicciardi
Chairman of the Board of Directors (Independent)

Mario Bongiorni
Suspicious Transaction Reporting  (Independent)

Raffaele Faragò
Managing Director

Samuele Di Biase
Chief Operating Officer

Fabrizio Maria Lorenzo Angelelli

Paolo Antonio Cucurachi
Director (Independent)

Ranieri Venerosi Pesciolini
Director (Independent)

Maurizio Coggiola
Director (Independent)

Giambattista Duso

Paola Musile Tanzi 
Director (Independent)


Francesco Giovanni Maria Balossi Restelli
Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors
Enrolment number with the Register of Auditors 90834

Alberto Enrico Maria Aldrighetti
Standing Statutory Auditor
Enrolment number with the Register of Auditors 114701

Eugenio Matteo Moretti
Standing Statutory Auditor
Enrolment number with the Register of Auditors 92903

Paolo Ripamonti
Substitute Statutory Supplente
Enrolment number with the Register of Auditors 93435

Laura Acella
Substitute Supplente
Enrolment number with the Register of Auditors 90673

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